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Changing the game

Blackline, created in 2013, is exclusively a management consultancy with a very clear purpose. We aim to help organizations improve their operations and to manage change. Success at Blackline is based on the impact of our work to help you, the client, the quality of our work and the insight we can provide. What does that mean for you? Simply put...your success is our success.


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Our Philosophy

We established Blackline to be different and we express that difference in our values:



Our advice will be clear. The analysis, recommendations and most importantly, the actions will be instantly accessible.



Ultimately providing our clients with the best thinking and analysis is what drives us. Insight requires going.



How we act reflects the fact that although management consulting is not regulated, it is a profession and requires standards of practice.

Employee Experience

We know a rewarding job is more than just the work you get to do but also the culture and support. We are determined to make this a rewarding experience.

You will have an active voice within the team and involved in all aspects of consulting; finding work and delivering work.

It's vitally important for our employees to prioritize their physical, financial and mental well-being. We provide a range of resources and activities to help our staff prioritize self-care.

Your workspace and environment are important. That's why we offer a model that works for you, whether that is in our vibrant office in Yorkville or a remote location.

We recognize the importance of creating a community for our employees to connect. We hold a series of team building events each month for our staff.

Quality is most important to us. We want everyone to produce the best work you can, arguably you are your own worst critic.

We know how important your career is to you. That is why we offer a variety of work experiences along with continuous training and development.

Open Positions

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our firm. If you are a curious individual, have a look at our current open roles:


Creating a different type of firm, requires a different type of environment. We are situated in the heart of Yorkville, the diverse location reflects and reinforces our culture.

Find us at: 1300 Bay Street, Suite 400, Toronto ON, M5R 3K8

The Work We Do

We have a suite of consulting services designed for modern business environments. Using our extensive experience and structured methods, we help clients navigate business challenges.

Helping you make decisions on the priorities for your organization and developing a plan to achieve those objectives.

/ Thinking

Creating organizational structures that align with your strategic objectives.

/ Thinking

Capturing your vendor and system requirements and structuring procurements to deliver solutions.

/ Thinking

Helping organizations to implement changes by focusing on the people and the outcomes you want.

/ Thinking

Identifying process changes that makes them more efficient or improves your customer experience.

/ Thinking

Increasing the efficiency of your service delivery by identifying opportunities to adopt modern working practice.

/ Thinking

Finding ways you can apply technologies to drive performance and enable digital experiences.

/ Thinking

Working with your data to identify patterns and trends that can predict future behavior and provide you with tools to support your decision making.

/ Thinking

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Provocative Thinking

Provocation disrupts established patterns of thinking and gives us a chance to generate new ideas. We have collected a set of ideas that can do just that, we believe they will give you a chance to re-think and to challenge your norm.

See our collection of thinking

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1300 Bay Street, Suite 400,
Toronto ON, M5R 3K8

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