Inside the firm

We are Blackline Consulting, a different type of management consulting firm.
Our passion is developing crystal clear insights for our clients.

Clarity: Our advice will be clear. The analysis, recommendations and most importantly the actions will be instantly accessible.

Insight: Ultimately providing our clients with the best thinking and analysis is what drives us. Insight requires going beyond the obvious to uncover the factors that really drive performance.

Professionalism: How we act, reflects the fact that management consulting is a profession. Our staff are trained in structured methods, we are constantly deepening our knowledge and we employ tools that accelerate our work.

The work we do

Our clients span many sectors.
What is common, is the desire to take advantage of evidence based insights to help them improve performance.

With deep experience and structured methods, we help clients navigate business challenges.

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We work with clients to
  • 1
    Improve operational performance. Structure, process, technology and decision making.
  • 2
    Identify opportunities to grow. Setting a strategic direction and engaging your customer base.
  • 3
    Support your leadership through times of change. Providing people who know how to implement change successfully.
Our services include
  • a
    Lean process improvement
    Organizational effectiveness
    Technology strategy
    Profitability analysis
    Portfolio analysis
  • b
    Business strategy
    Customer orientation
    Emerging trends
  • c
    Change management
    Benefits realization
    Interim leadership
    Board representation


We believe it is important to stay abreast of emerging trends, to have opinions and to share the innovative viewpoints of others.

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